protoc-gen-docbook – Convert protobuf source into DocBook and PDF

Documentation has always been Protobuf‘s weakest area. Proto source files are expected to be used like an IDL. This works for simple interfaces, but falls apart as the interface increases in complexity with multiple layers of source files.

With the latest update Protobuf from 2.5.0, protobuf compiler is finally preserving the comments within the proto source files in its Descriptor definition. This opens a door to documenting proto files.


I spent a week or so writing a protobuf compiler plugin that will convert a proto source file into DocBook and PDF. The plugin is called protoc-gen-docbook, following the protobuf compiler’s plugin naming convention.

The results are very satisfying, and has became a useful tool in my development life. I have open sourced the project on Google Code under the New BSD License.

Here are the shortcut links to the project homepage. It contains much more details on the project.


Quick Start:

Sample Output:

Implementation Details:

As usual, feedback is always welcomed.

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