IOCP Server 1.2 Released

It has almost been 10 months since I published the IOCP server library. This little library has been very useful to me over several C++ projects. It offers impressive scalability on multi-core processors and a simple interface for TCP graceful shutdown (unlike boost ASIO).

I recently found a crash bug where an utility function was copying a non-NULL terminated IP address string. This bug is specific to Unicode build, and has no affect on ANSI build.

Also, I ran CPPCheck against the library. I am proud to say that CPPCheck has reported only one style warning, and this has also been addressed.

Anyway, you may get the latest version of IOCP Server here. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “IOCP Server 1.2 Released

  1. Here’s my opinion.

    Boost ASIO is a very powerful library packed with features like SSL and timers. In fact, the product I work with use ASIO library in many TCP implementations. However, by dealing with it on a daily basis, I find it far too overengineered and complicated.

    For example, here’s ASIO version of async echo server. ~130 lines of code

    Here’s IOCP server’s version – ~30 lines of code

    The documentation of ASIO is also poor. The examples they provide in the tutorial doesn’t cover a quarter of its true capabilities.

    For my purpose, whenever I need a small TCP server, I use IOCP server library. It is quick to setup with minimum hassle.

    If I need more advanced features like cross-platform, SSL, IPv6 and multi-cast, I use ASIO.

    Thanks for the interest.

    … Alan

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